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Lake Amistad Fishing Report-June 2012
Lake Amistad is 24 ft low and has been at a fairly steady level now for a week or so. The water temps are in the upper 70's in the morning and creep into the mid eighties by late afternoon. The aquatic vegetation has really taken off over most of the lake due to the new fertile soil its growing in. I have seen 5 ft tall hydrilla out to 19 ft in a few areas.  All  the different types of shallow grass are mixed out to 10 ft or so which make some incredible cover and ambush spots for aggressive bass. 
The bass are getting over the post spawn blues and are really feeding. There has been a lot of crawdads and baby carp and tilapia shallow which has allowed good numbers of solid 4 to 7lb fish to be on the bank and easy to catch.
The past week I have had some of the best top water action in a few years, fishing a top water all day catching 30 to 50 a day with most of the bass being between 3lb to 5 1/2lb with an occasional 7lber. The bass are also getting into wolf packs which makes for some wild action.
I have been fishing a 6" Black Dog Lunker Punker and a Amazon top water most of the day. Some bass are being caught on weedless swimbaits like a skinny dipper or a hollow body rigged with a weighted hook fished through the shallow grass.
The mid range crankbait and shallow square bill cranks have caught their share of bass also. Flipping some of the bigger bushes with a 3/4 oz tungsten weight rigged with a beaver in the off colored water is another way to get bit with the lake at this level.
Some of the main lake flats are set up for some good drift fishing with carolina rigs and Tx rigged plastics. This summer dont forget to try river ledge fishing there are several new ledges that are well in the range of bass to live on. Dont forget to throw a frog, its getting right for that technique with all the shallow grass reaching the surface.
With the deeper hydrilla strating to rise it won't be long we will be able to flip grass with the Lateral Perch and really have some fun Summer fishing on Amistad.
Ray Hanselman
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