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Lake Amistad Fishing Report- January 2009
Lake Amistad Fishing Report – January 2009 

       Fishing on Amistad this month should be good for catching numbers of bass; bigger fish might be more challenging. As the water temperature continues to fall into the lower 50’s Amistad bass will bunch up in large schools on a variety of main lake structure. The best structure is one that has a vertical break close buy, the depth of the break is not nearly as important as the steepness. There are many points and humps from the bridge all the way up to mile marker 26 and also in the mouth of the Devils River that have vertical drops. Once a good drop is found use your electronics to look for schools of bass.

      Some day’s entire schools will be found on break other days only single bass will be found. If only one fish shows on a good break it is still worth fishing for, there are often others near buy and once the first fish is hooked they will show up.

     One of the best, and most fast paced ways to catch fish that are found in water 25’ or deeper, will be fishing vertically with a jigging spoon. I will usually fish a 1 ounce spoon and will alternate between chrome, white/chrome, and chartreuse. Most fish will hit the spoon just before it touches the bottom but the action of the spoon should be varied until you find what the fish prefer. Some days they want a hard pop while other days they simply want the spoon held just off the bottom with no action all.

     Another technique that works extremely well this time of the year particularly on fish found in less than 30’ is to drag Carolina rigged creature bait, ¾ -1 oz. football head jig or Texas rigged senko. Try to keep the bait in contact with the bottom at all times. If you can do this at 30’ you are fishing slowly enough. Bites may be subtle and a sensitive rod is a must.  I prefer a Power Tackle PG-104-7’6” or a FB4 7'3" Football Jig Special, these rods will also offer added casting distance  which will help to keep baits dragging on the bottom. Any natural colors like green pumpkin or Watermelon will work but smaller profile baits tend to work better.


Feel free to call me if I can help on any of your trips to Amistad or to book a guided trip.

Good Fishing,

Keith Combs




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