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Lake Amistad Fishing Report-September

Recent rains have brought Amistad up several feet.  This should have a positive impact on the shallow water bite.  The rising water has created a pronounced inside grass line consisting of either duck weed or hydrilla in 3-5 feet.  This inside line should make for some excellent top water fishing over the next few months.  In areas where grass is present on the surface, a Zoom Horny Toad or a Stanley Ribbit will work well.  Usually a white or a pearl bottom works well and if you are recieving short strikes, vary your retrieve.  Some days the fish seem to take the bait barely moving, while other days a very fast retrieve is best.  I throw my toads on a Power Tackle PG104.5 7'6" rod.  This rod offers enough tip action for long casts and enough back bone for a good hookset.

The top water bite sometimes lasts all day but is usually best early.  If the fish do not want top water, or the day gets late, try a Texas rigged 5" senko in either green pumpkin red or watermelon red.  I fish the senkos with a 1/4 - 3/8 oz. tungsten weight.  Look for outside grasslinies on main lake points in 18-24 foot of water.

Another great way to catch some big Amistad bass this time of year will be flipping.  Locate deeper outside grass lines in 21-26 feet of water and key in on the areas where grass is the thickest or where a drain or point intersects the outside edge.  Make short pitches through the grass and make sure your bait gets all the way to the bottom.  A 1 1/4 oz. Oldham jig in Little Gator or Camo with a matching Strike King Rage Craw will work well.  Braided line and a heavy action rod are a must for this technique.  Power Tackle's GrassMat Special,  a GM5 7'3" stick works extremely well.

If you are just looking to catch a lot of fish and size is not as important as numbers, there will be schooling fish over most main lake ledges or long points.  These schoolers will usually be over deep water and will smash a Vixen or a Sammy walked across the surface or a drop shot with either a 4" senko or a finesse worm.


Good Fishing,

Keith Combs


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